"Soroptimist" is derived from two Latin words, "soror" meaning sister and "optima" meaning "best". It stands for "women at their best helping others to be their best".

Star & Tea Programs

Having operationalised the Education Assistance Program to provide those extra classes for the weaker students, what about the children who obtain good grades at school and have the desire to pursue an academic qualification?

The STAR and Tertiary Education Assistance (TEA) Program was initiated to do just that – to provide financial assistance to:-

  • the academic achievers in school especially in their exam years
  • students after their SPM/STPM/A levels who have the academic potential and are keen to further their studies but do not have the financial means. In these cases, SID will assist with their college/university registration and entrance fees.

Students from Desa Mentari who have benefitted from the STAR & TEA program now volunteer to teach the younger children at the Centre.

News highlights

LifeSkills4Youth Work Readiness Program. We have trained a total of 26 groups of financially challenged youth….a total of 446 youth
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SIROM Walk The Talk 2015 “Men & Women Unite to Stop Violence Against Women”
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Soroptimist International Damansara Charity Movie 2016 Movie screening “Pete’s Dragon”
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